Hair transplant Before/After

See individual results of hair transplants at the Tsilosani Hair Transplantation Institute – with before and after pictures. Pick a case you’re curious about and use the arrows to flip through.

1500 graft FUE procedure before and after

Something that gives me a lot of pleasure is to see how even transplants with a small number of grafts are capable of producing an impressive result. In this case, I would like to tell you about a 1500 graft FUE hair transplant, which took place in 2015. The patient...

FUT 2000 graft hair transplant procedure and result

Let me tell you about one of my favourite cases to showcase the power of a hair transplant. The transplantation took place in 2016. The patient was a 36-year-old man who had experienced extensive hair loss in the front of his scalp. In an unfortunate twist, the hair...

Male patient, 1800 grafts, FUE procedure

Male patient, 1800 grafts, FUE procedure Not all hair transplantation cases require 2000+ grafts to have a significant effect on the patient’s final look. Such was the case of this individual, who came for a hair transplant procedure in 2018.  His case was pretty...

What is Tricopigmentation?

What is Tricopigmentation? Tricopigmentation is a term many of you may have heard in the past. Yet, few may fully understand the intricacies of undergoing a Tricopigmentation procedure. The idea of it may seem relatively simple, but there are details, and...

Eyebrow transplant

Eyebrow transplant information  Eyebrow transplants are pretty popular among diverse groups of people. Men and women tend to get them for aesthetic, or medical reasons. Chrissy Teigen, an American model, has not been shy about her eyebrow hair transplantation. ...

Male patient, 2500 grafts, FUE procedure

Male patient, 2500 grafts, FUE procedure In 2019, I had a relatively easy case. An easy case that showcases how a small hair transplant can change a person's entire look. That, combined with the confidence boost received from a hair transplant, and longer hair made my...

Male patient, 5800 Grafts, FUT procedure

One of the more complex cases I've had to deal with was in 2015. The patient got in touch with the Tsilosani Hair Transplantation Institute, wondering if what he wanted to achieve was even possible. We assured him that it was, as long as he was willing to take the...

Male patient, 3000 Grafts, LHT procedure

This is a case from 2017, so relatively old, but has shown very good results. The patient was male, 27 years of age. The hair loss was easily identifiable all across the top of the scalp and towards the back. The patient had gone through several consultations but had...

Female patient, 2000 grafts, FUT procedure

This is a relatively older case. The hair transplantation operation was conducted in 2014. The patient was a female, 37 years old. There was severe hair loss in the center of the scalp. This meant that the loss was easily visible to the naked eye from the front. The...

Male patient, 2000 grafts, FUT procedure before and after

This hair transplantation was conducted in 2016 and involved a 34-year-old male patient. The individual had III type balding pattern on the Norwood Scale, which meant that hair had thinned in the frontal area of the scalp, right above the forehead. After consulting...

FUE – Before/After

FUE 1500 grafts

FUE 2000 grafts

FUE 3000 grafts

FUE 2500 grafts

FUT – Before/After

FUT 2500 grafts

FUT 1500 grafts

FUT 1800 grafts

FUT 2000 grafts

FUT Long Hair – Before/After

FUT Long Hair 1700 grafts

FUT Long Hair 2000 grafts

FUT Long Hair 2500 grafts

FUT Long Hair 3000 grafts

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