FUT before and after, woman
Female patient, 2000 grafts, FUT procedure

This is a relatively older case. The hair transplantation operation was conducted in 2014. The patient was a female, 37 years old. There was severe hair loss in the center of the scalp. This meant that the loss was easily visible to the naked eye from the front. The patient got in touch with us hoping to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

We concluded, during the consultation phase, that we would go forward with the FUT procedure for the hair transplantation operation. The donor area would be the back of the head, with the individually transplanted units filling in the center of the scalp. 2000 grafts were decided to be the optimal number.

The hair transplantation process ended up taking about 4 hours to complete. At the end of it, 62 square cm had been transplanted. At this density, there were about 30 grafts per square cm. The goal was to create a strong effect on the recovery of hair. There were, on average, 2 hairs per graft. The results were expected to be visible within the next 9 months.

The post-operational treatment included the daily use of Minoxidil. This stimulated a healthy rate of growth for the hair. The two photos, the original and the post-op one were taken about 8 months apart. The patient was extremely pleased with the results.