FUE 1800 grafts, before and after picture
Male patient, 1800 grafts, FUE procedure

Male patient, 1800 grafts, FUE procedure

Not all hair transplantation cases require 2000+ grafts to have a significant effect on the patient’s final look. Such was the case of this individual, who came for a hair transplant procedure in 2018. 

His case was pretty clear-cut. The man had a receding hairline – something medication like Minoxidil cannot easily counteract. Yet, a receding hairline is the exact kind of problem that a hair transplant can be a good solution for. Hairline restoration through a transplant is also the kind of transplant that has the clearest results – even if they take a while to arrive. 

In the case of this 35-year-old man, he wanted a full restoration. The widow’s peak that he had accumulated was bothering him. He wanted his curly hair back – and who could blame him? After the initial consultation, we decided to conduct an FUE procedure. We decided that 1800 grafts would be sufficient for the restoration of a solid hairline. 

FUE 1800 graft hair transplantation procedure

While FUE procedures may take longer to complete than FUT procedures, the number of grafts this time was a little lower. The estimated time for the procedure was around 4 hours, so the patient was able to find an appropriate date easily. Once the date had been settled, we set to designing the hairline and deciding where to grafts would come from. 

The hairline design was pretty straightforward – bring back the hairline the man once had. The patient’s participation in the process is paramount to a successful design. As you may have seen in the above picture, the final result came out very impressive – and just as designed. 

The donor area was decided to be the back of the head. The patient still had a high density of hair on the back of the head, which permitted the harvest of grafts to be easy and quick with the FUE method. Still, it took a considerable amount of time. Each graft has to be harvested individually during an FUE operation. We’ve discussed this in detail before – just refer to our page about FUE operations to find out more. 

In the end, 1800 grafts were transplanted within 4 hours of the operation’s beginning. The final area covered with new grafts was 50 square centimeters. The density was 36 grafts per square centimeter. This was slightly higher than the average density of a transplant, as the hairline restoration was requested to be rather comprehensive. This was also partially caused by the average hairs per graft being only 2. 

Final result

The before and after pictures in the case were taken quite a long time apart. Usually, results for hair transplants end up being visible 6 months and more after the original transplant. You can learn why our general information page for hair transplants and which hair transplant procedure is the best

As you can tell, the final result came out to be rather impressive. The patient is deeply satisfied with the results. It is a pleasure to see a hairline restoration gone so well. It is one that I am very proud of.