Male patient, 2000 grafts, FUT procedure before and after

FUT hair transplant before and after image
Male Patient, 2000 grafts, FUT procedure

This hair transplantation was conducted in 2016 and involved a 34-year-old male patient. The individual had III type balding pattern on the Norwood Scale, which meant that hair had thinned in the frontal area of the scalp, right above the forehead.

After consulting with Dr. Tsilosani, the patient decided on the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) procedure. 2000 grafts were to be taken from the back of the head and moved to the problematic area. The procedure lasted for 4 hours. At the conclusion, the total area transplanted during the procedure equaled 60 cm2, with a density of 33 grafts per cm2. Each graft contained 2.3 hairs on average.

The post-op treatment for this hair transplantation involved the use of Finasteride. The before and after pictures were taken within a 6-month period after the operation. The patient was pleased with the result.