Male patient, 3000 Grafts, LHT procedure

LHT hair transplant before and after
Male patient, 3000 Grafts, LHT procedure

This is a case from 2017, so relatively old, but has shown very good results. The patient was male, 27 years of age. The hair loss was easily identifiable all across the top of the scalp and towards the back. The patient had gone through several consultations but had not found an affordable option for a hair transplantation operation.

At the initial consultation, we had quite a long discussion about what the patient wanted. WE considered multiple options for the transplantation but ended up choosing the FUT option in the end. This ensured that during the FUT procedure, the 3000 grafts would be transplanted relatively quickly and without much discomfort to the patient. During the discussion, he also expressed a desire for immediate results (maybe he had a date to go to?). Thus, the LHT extension of the FUT procedure was finally decided upon.

LHT + FUT 3000 grafts procedure details

As expected, the procedure ended up taking quite a long time, yet much shorter than the FUE procedure would have taken. 6 hours overall, with a break in the middle. The back of the head was chosen as the donor area – it had retained quite a thick layer of hair.

The area receiving the grafts was quite big, hence the number of grafts. The front of the head, the top, and the back were all getting a makeover. This amounted to around 150 cm2. The number of grafts retained allowed for an average of 30 grafts per cm2. With about 2.3 hairs per graft, this allowed for an impressive result. The patient was satisfied with the thickness displayed in the final result.

The process ended up being relatively fast compared to an FUE hair transplantation procedure. What is more, the patient was able to observe the final result in the mirror as the operation proceeded. Thanks to his occasional commentary, we were able to achieve the exact desired result.

Thanks to the LHT procedure, the patient was able to observe the results immediately after completion of the operation. While the hair would fall out over the next few weeks, it would also come back quite soon, leaving the patient very satisfied, even today. Below you can observe the before and after of the LHT + FUT 3000 grafts operation.

The final consultation was quick, with a recommendation of applying Minoxidil and Finasteride regularly, for some time.